Everybody Meet Mr. #METOO / by Matthew Ponder

Western Society recoiled at the blitzkrieg of sexual misconduct that now hovers above some of the world’s most prominent and powerful men. Accusations of discreditable behaviors have now infiltrated nearly every major industry from entertainment to politics. It is only natural that we, the people, as a collective body would wish to find some immediate resolve. Only, this star-spangled bandage cannot simply be ripped off. Not quite yet. This ever-evolving scenario, not without nuance has seemingly outpaced any existing and credible forums for discussion or support. This has been on view these last few weeks with the hearing and imminent probe of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Michael Kavanaugh.

As critical as this time may be, we should not assert a belief that the accused are guilty without proper evidence. It is doubly critical that we not unresistingly perpetuate the interests of any predators operating sans-scrutiny. These camouflaged predators have entered our homes, entertained us and pushed countless products on us over the years. Comparatively, those days appear to have dwindled as we have seen with the recent sentencing of America’s dad, William Henry Cosby. Cosby’s conviction is an unquestionable victory for his victims however, a tiny step forward in the race for America’s dignity in this uncertain age of Trump.